About Our Shoemaking Workshop

From Spain’s Shoemaking Capital

For over four centuries, the small town of Almansa has retained its title as Spain’s shoemaking capital. Sleeping at the foothill of a staggering limestone crag, and guarded by a 14th-Century Moorish castle, it is home to communities of craftspeople who continue to practice and preserve the art of traditional shoemaking.

Our Workshop

Etymology shoes are crafted in Almansa by a family-owned workshop that takes pride in combining techniques of the past with technology of the present. Here, generations of artisans dedicate their lives to perfecting the craft of shoemaking. Cutting edge technology, such as 3-D foot modelling and vector patterning, help bring this timeless art into the modern day. The result are shoes of superior craftsmanship, comfort, and fit.

Our Craftsmanship

Every pair of Etymology shoes is the end-product of an artisanal process that respects the dignity of the human hand. Our craftspeople bring each pair to life over 125 steps, sourcing raw materials from respected suppliers around the world (including tanneries in South America, Italy and Spain).

Our Process

Mastering skills in handmaking shoes, such as clicking, cutting, and lasting, requires an obsessive commitment to quality. Some artisans in our workshop have plied their craft for over 40 years. Leading a team, they devote themselves to honing a single area of shoemaking. Apprentices acquire skills and tacit knowledge by shadowing these masters. Our workshop oversees the entire process, from leather inspection through to lasting, to maintain their high standards and to pass on shoe making traditions to the next generation.