Base Materials: Lookbook

Base Materials: Lookbook

Base Materials: Lookbook

"When you come back from a long journey, offer your family something though it only be a stone." - Lebanese proverb.

"Culture and memory gives life to objects. They express who we are, our beliefs, our values.

Growing up in an immigrant family from Lebanon, my parents carried the past within the contents of their luggage. I carried on their traditions whilst starting my own.

Exploring the relationship between material-culture and personal identity, this first lookbook investigates how objects can create new ways to build and re-frame ourselves."

- Gabriel Abi-Saab, Etymology Founder & Creative Director

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Etymology Creative Director - Gabriel Abi-Saab

Art Director - Daniel Stapleton

Photographer - Leif Prenzlau

Digital Operator - Mason Mackensie Wood

First Assistant - Toby Wilkinson

Talent - Raul Pardeilhan

Second Unit Photography and Video - Jeffrey Zhou

Etymology Brand & Marketing - William Phung

Special thanks - Remy Ghougassian, Albert Phung, Shadi Obeid, Michael Nguyen


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